Monday, June 29, 2009

The last word on D. A. D.

I'm feeling rather proud of myself these days.
I started a project when Meredith was just little that became a special Father's Day tradition. I took pictures of Meredith holding the letters D and A and lined them up in a three photo frame so her letters spelled out DAD. I can't take any credit for the idea, I read about it on a parenting site when she was just little.

The first year I printed the pictures in black and white and it looked pretty artsy.

The second year I borrowed our neighbour's backyard (our neighbour might as well be named Mr. Green Thumb) and took some very colourful cute pictures of Meredith and it looked very cheerful.

The third year, Aaron was about 6 weeks old when Father's Day hit, and I didn't even pick up the camera. :(

Last year I took some cute pictures of the kids and never got them developed.

Things were NOT heading in the right direction with project-DAD-frame. So this year I hustled them off to the playground, and brought the letters along.

Then by some miracle, I got the pictures developed.

Then even better, I put them IN the frame....after I dusted the two years of accumulated dust off of it! So here's the finished product and the images Dave chose for it:

I'll try to add a few more of my favourites from the day once Blogger's uploader starts cooperating again. Too bad I didn't remember the pics all needed to be in portrait orientation BEFORE I started taking them....


  1. Love, love, love it! I totally wish I would have thought of that. Wait... here I go with my camera now!!!