Saturday, April 3, 2010

Awaiting Mr. E. B.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds with visions of a chubby white bunny dancing in their heads.

I'm super far behind in blogging about the goings-on of the last two weeks, but anticipating the arrival of the Easter Bunny just simply cannot wait.

Today was a homeschooler's math lesson dream. Meredith must have spent close to an hour this morning counting the plastic eggs that the Easter Bunny had left behind in years past. Then she divided the eggs into piles of matching colours. Then she made a chart using her brand new gel pens to identify how many of each colour there was. Then we discussed odd numbers versus even numbers, and she divided all the even numbered egg piles into her basket and Aaron's basket equally. Then she transferred a yellow into the greens to make two more even numbered piles, and divided those into the two baskets. Thennnnnnnnnn she counted the two baskets to make sure each contained equal numbers, and for good measure (and because I was just finishing reading the WHOLE newspaper for the first time in a week from forever) she counted them again to be doubly sure.

My accountant assures me there are 25 empty eggs in each basket.

We also decided to give the Easter Bunny a little leg up in the world and put a small 'M' on half the eggs, and an 'A' on half the eggs. Meredith dictated a note before bed that we left beside the empty eggs.

We're enjoying the preparations this year, because we just don't know how long the magic will last. Earlier in the week, Meredith came to me with a big idea. Her suggestion was to make a mud puddle at the gate at the back door and the front door so that the Easter Bunny would have to hop through it to get to the door, and then would leave dirty footprints so she'd know for sure he was "really real."

We didn't end up making a mud puddle before bed, but it did rain most of the day yesterday so I guess the ground is still damp enough.....

Considerate and fastidious bunny that he is, he helped himself to a paper towel and cleaned his paws before he got too far into the house. Looks like he helped himself to a carrot too.
Happy Easter!