Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Delinquent bloggers need not apply for my job, I've got it fully covered.

Holy smokes, I haven't blogged since July.

That might be just fine if we'd been sitting in a corner since July, but we've been BUSY! It was summer after all. Camping, swimming, biking, working, dancing, playing, it was a great summer. We're already back-to-school, back-to-activities. But never mind all that for right now, I'll backtrack through the pictures and try to dredge up some memories from the hard drive between my ears.

For today, may I please introduce a good lookin' cast of folks...

The gorgeous bride and her handsome groom are my cousin and her new husband. They were married on the September long weekend. The so-cute-you-could-bite-them little people are my kids. Really. I know, it's hard to recognize them. After all, Aaron is wearing pants, and you can't see how many teeth Meredith is missing and her beautiful hairdo hides the still-growing-out bangs!

More to follow. Promise.