Monday, April 16, 2012

Losing a friend...

A week ago we had to say goodbye to our good and faithful friend, Frodo.

Dave gave me Frodo, and his sister Ashka, as a Christmas gift a few weeks after my dad passed away ten years ago. To me, they were like a finger in the dike. The long winter months of grief were made bearable by the presence of the two cuddliest cats known to humankind. When Meredith was born, the cats gave her a wide berth at first, but soon came to realize that she was their best source of love and entertainment. Frodo was particularly attached to her, and she to him.

She read him stories, wrapped him in blanket after blanket, gave him rides in her doll stroller, dressed him up, and satisfied his seemingly insatiable appetite for laying on or near stinky shoes.

Never one to miss an opportunity to nap somewhere new, he tried to fold himself into every possible cozy spot.

As his health deteriorated over the past several months, we knew the time was coming. Until his very last day though, he would still cuddle in your lap and purr with contentment. We miss our Mister Fro, but are so thankful for the ten years of life and love he shared with us.

Is this thing still on?

I'm not sure I remember how to even use this thing.
And look how big they've grown....

Meredith is now in Grade 2, has no front teeth, loves horseback riding, and spends her free time fluctuating between being the absolute sweetest child on earth and testing out an attitute worthy of the title of teenager.

Aaron is nearly 5, still extraordinarily full of energy, and loves all things mechanical. He started playing hockey this winter, and now can ride a bike with no training wheels. I frequently tell him to stop growing, yet it seems to have little effect. He's gotten so wise to my request he now answers, "But I have to get big so I can drive you around when you get old."

This child must have exceedingly clever parents.