Monday, June 22, 2009

Helloooooo summer!

Fortunately, Dave and I both grew up camping with our families. Mind you, it often involved large and strangely stinky canvas tents that had a tendency to leak, but as kids we both loved it. Both our families seem to have graduated from tents to tent trailers and some of my fondest memories of our early dating and married years are of weekends spent in the Starcraft circa 1972 trailer at Falcon Lake with Dave and his family.

The year Meredith was born, we graduated to our own trailer and have camped in it every summer since. I remember the first time Meredith slept 8 hours in a row was in the trailer that summer. She potty trained at the trailer. She learned to love s'mores at the trailer and to this day still believes that only Auntie Adrienne knows the recipe to this heavenly treat.

Being a May baby, Aaron had his first taste of camping at only 3 weeks old. I remember that May long weekend was so cold it seemed I had Aaron in a cuddly wrap inside my jacket for most of the weekend. He was fairly colicky early that summer too, and I'm sure our neighbours wondered just what we were doing to that tiny little baby inside the thin trailer walls as we tried to get him to sleep.

This year is a big step forward in our camping life. For the first time since buying our trailer, we are actually able to use the dining area inside and have set up the table. Until this summer, there was always a bassinet or playpen in the space the table would normally occupy! Aaron is sleeping in a big bed at the camper and thus far (knock on large wooden object....) it's gone okay. Well okay except for him locking us out of the camper during his first nap in there...

This weekend was our second weekend down at the camper. The previous weekend was so cold we were wrapped in blankets when we were outside in the evening. This weekend delivered plenty of hot weather, mosquito bites, and even some time at the beach.

Meredith and her cousin Kasha buried themselves in the sand with a little help from Auntie Kim,

and found some poor unsuspecting puppy to cuddle and coo over!

Meanwhile, Aaron asked Uncle Gord who shopped for his clothes, because there seemed to be a chance it was the same person who had shopped for Aaron's clothes....

Here's to a summer of fun at the camper! Days spent with cousins, special visits from friends, Dream Cream slathered on bites and scrapes and a whole bunch more memories to save for those long winter days!

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