Monday, June 22, 2009

Book of the Week

No, we have not suddenly ceased reading in our house. I've just ceased being organized enough to get a photo of what the kids are into right now! Today's pick is one that Aaron has wanted to have read to him probably 4 nights out of 7 since he received it at Christmas. I don't even want to think about how many times this book has accompanied him to the potty. Clearly the mark of a good book.

It's called I See A Monster and is written by Laurie Young. It's one of those great touch and feel books that babies and toddler seem to love. It's full of cheerful, bright images, a flap that opens up on each page, and something in an interesting texture to feel. The text is very simple, and the kind of repetitive rhyming structure that means Aaron is already starting to fill in the words if the reader pauses long enough, and Meredith can "read" it to him as well.

The most interesting part about the book, for me, is Aaron's reaction to different things. First it started with a page where one of the monsters was standing on a chair. Yes, STANDING on a chair. One would think my little climber had been scolded for this feat a time or two himself based on his reaction to the picture.
"Uh oh! Sit down!" Every time we read the book, the same response came out. Eventually he suppressed that one and moved on to leaning in to kiss the page when we turned to the spotted pink monster. Still haven't suppressed that one.

The last two times we've read the book, it's clear what his new favourite page is.

"I see a monster who needs a good scrub. Where is he hiding? Inside the tub!" At which point Aaron jumps off my lap, runs to the bathroom shouting "Same same same! Modder (monster) big tub white. Aaron big tub white."

Good times.

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