Thursday, June 18, 2009

After a brief hiatus....

Seems like the month of June has been jam packed with activities! I've got some catching up to do to keep pace with the goings-on around here. It seems that finally summer weather has arrived, after the coolest, rainiest June I can ever remember. Meredith's buddy, Sherris, from daycare had a birthday party a few weekends ago now, and it was cool enough to wear stockings and a sweater to the party! This picture is extremely misleading with regards to the temperature as the kids were taking a VERY brief break from jumping their brains out on the fabulous bouncer in place for the party!

The break started out as a chance to gaze at the fish pond, and even feed the fish a flake or two. When the poking-of-the-fish-with-a-long-stick began, it was back to the bouncer.

And what's a birthday party without a pinata to whack! After a few attempts by the assembled 4 and 5 year olds, the ties holding the pinata to the swing set broke, but the pinata showed no signs of breaking.

To the tremendous amusement and amazement of the assembled parents, James, the birthday-girl's dad HELD THE PINATA WHILE SMALL CHILDREN WHACKED AT IT.

What can I say, better than candy.

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