Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

This picture is one I'd take along to a desert island:

The Thursday before Father's Day Dave was invited to the daycare to take part in a special Father's Day Adventure, cooked up by The Amazing Karen and the Monkeys. Karen tells me the kids have been working on it since the day after the Mother's Day Tea. :)

Essentially, they transformed one of the preschool rooms in the daycare into a jungle safari adventure. There was a pit of poisonous snakes, a pond full of pirahnas, a bat cave and more. As is standard on every jungle safari, there was also a handwashing station before the dads and kids settled in for some jungle snacks of beetles wings and worms and red ants. The kids sang some songs that would break your heart to hear....still trying to figure out how to post video to here, so if someone has a tip for me send it my way! They had made all kinds of decorations for the room, including scary snakes from even scarier 80's neckties donated by the dads!

Each child also got to bring home one of the jungle animals they'd been working on. This elephant is made of paper bags. Entirely. Paper bags and paint. Have I mentioned recently that Karen is Amazing and there's clearly one reason I go to work instead of stay home full time with my children....

The dads all got a fabulous new tie to replace the ones they had donated, this one fashioned by their very own 5 year old.

Like the very loving dad he is, Dave put his on the next morning and wore it to work (or at least in the car....not sure what transpired when he actually got to work) and made his little girl's day.

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  1. That picture would definitely sustain you on your island Laurel. SO cute!!