Monday, May 25, 2009

The Three Princess Grads

This was a very busy weekend! Saturday we were invited out to Virden to celebrate the university graduation of three of my cousins. Airdrie has been done school for a little bit now, and is hard at work. Or so she tells us. We're pretty clear on the fact that she plays games all day at work. Ashleigh and Erin have both finished up their degrees this year, and are making that leap from school to work. It was a beautiful day, and a great reason to celebrate!

Kudos to the woman who made it all happen, my amazing Aunt Judy. Not only did she raise these three beautiful, compassionate, intelligent girls, she saw all three of them through their university degrees, and emerged on the other side with her sense of humour intact!

Of course our little princess wanted to be a part of the action too, so complete with her own tiara, she joined in the celebrations. See any family resemblance?!

Aaron started the afternoon out innocently enough.....with a bit of fun with his buddy Uncle Brad.

He then moved on to scaling the railing of the deck:

Trying to get his head stuck in the fence:

Wading into a sea of junipers:

And capped it all off with a visit from the freaky cat-next-door.

Not to be outdone, Meredith tried to convince Ashleigh and Mike to make funny faces for the camera. After every picture she would turn to them and say "Did you make a super funny one that time?"

Keeping the little cousins in order, and behaving like a perfect lady all day was baby Morgan.

She had a nice heart-to-heart with Grandma G,

listened to Meredith tell stories of all the things she was going to teach her when she got bigger,

and only looked slightly askance when Hurricane Aaron touched down.

Meredith fell asleep within minutes of leaving Virden. Aaron, on the other hand, stayed awake for over an hour and a half, finally dropping off to sleep somewhere around Carberry, by which time it was after 10 p.m. Where does he get the energy from?

Sunday was a whole new day with a whole new adventure: Meredith's Irish Dance recital. Pictures to follow another day!

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