Sunday, May 3, 2009

Aaron turns two!

How did we get from here... here so quickly?

Aaron turned two today. It seems completely impossible that two years have passed since the day of his birth. I was so shocked when he was born that he was a boy. Meredith had been predicting that "the baby" would be a girl for months, and I fully believed her. I figured she had some psychic sense about it, but apparently she had a 50/50 chance of being right. :) I don't remember the moments right after his birth clearly at all, the rush of hormones and excitement have made it all a blur, but Dave tells me I asked a LOT of times, "Are you sure? A boy? Really?" It took weeks before I could remember that he was a boy in that middle-of-the-night-nursing fog. He's not going to be thrilled to hear that when he's a teenager, I'm sure!

He's definitely a boy! It's been fascinating to watch him grow and develop. He's been exposed to a lot of dolls and stuffed animals and strollers and 'homemaking' kinds of toys around here because Meredith has received so many of those things as gifts. He'll happily play with those things, but just when you think he's giving the baby such a lovely stroller ride, he finds his green tractor and drives across her eyes! He can see a tractor at a thousand paces. He can hear an airplane over top of his own tantrums. Anything with wheels holds a special place in his heart. He's definitely a boy!

So in celebration of his big day today, we decided to pay Uncle Darrell a visit at the fire hall where he works. He got to 'drive' the truck,

watch all the lights blink and flash,

and best of all, shoot a water-filled fire extinguisher!

Meredith enjoyed herself just as much as her little brother. I think Uncle Darrell may have enjoyed himself too, as Meredith told him several times he had to be REALLY strong to be a firefighter!

We wrapped up the day with a trip to Sargeant Sundae for ice cream in lieu of birthday cake, and a full load of laundry for all the clothes Aaron managed to get dirty with one baby cone. It's a great day to be two!

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  1. Happy birthday Aaron!! What great way to spend a birthday with a two year old boy!