Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun at the Fair

It has been an action-packed long weekend, despite the ever-changing weather. It's amazing how one extra day at home with the kids makes it feel like we've had a holiday. Saturday Dave and Meredith collected the camper out of winter storage and we got it ready for a summer of use. Sunday we took it down to Falcon Lake to get it set up for the season, and today got lots of little jobs done around the house.

Unexpectedly, we also found ourselves at the fair on Saturday night, at the invitation of a friend of Meredith's. Apparently it's a yearly thing in this neighbourhood, and made us realize that we're never home on May long weekend as we'd never heard about it! It was the same midway that sets up at the Falcon Lake fair, so it was like an appetizer for Meredith, whetting her appetite for the fun to come later in the summer!

It was Aaron's first taste of a midway, at an age where he could take at least part of it in, and eyes were agog!

The girls warmed up on the merry-go-round,

and kept Aaron safe on his first ride! He looked a little unsure when it first started up, so Meredith held his hand like the sweet big sister that she is.

Before long, he decided the fun outweighed the frightening!

The icing on the cake, was the tremendous accomplishment of being able to ride the 'Dragon Wagon' without Mom! These are but two of the many great pictures Dave captured of the two girls in all their glory!

We've spent many of the 48 hours since then going through each and every ride that might be at the Falcon Lake fair in July and that she might just be big enough to ride alone.

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