Friday, May 15, 2009

Just like Mom!

We're really looking forward to a three-day weekend around here. Seems like the past week has been non-stop! Though we did get a reprieve from playing soccer on Thursday night because it was soggy wet and only 2 degrees. Ahhhh, May in Manitoba! At least we're not feeling badly that we won't be camping this weekend as we usually do on May long weekend.

Anyhow, tonight after the usual work and daycare day, the kids discovered their new favourite plaything. Mommy's nametag.

They took turns wearing it around the house, using it to declare their official status to qualify them to do all kinds of jobs.

Aaron seemed to think the credentials required some examination...

As is all too clear from this picture, Meredith wants to grow her bangs out. I'm not sure if can survive the shagginess that's going to entail.

And in a classic parital-decapitation, Meredith had her turn with the camera too...

Happy long weekend!

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