Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thought provoking

A quick note before I go to bed. Today we went to see our pediatrician for Aaron's two-year-old check-up. As the kids and I were driving towards the clinic I was talking to Aaron about what we were doing to sort of prepare him for it, I guess. I told him we were going to see the doctor to check how healthy he was. I said, "Do you think the doctor will listen to Aaron's heart?" Aaron said "Da" (his version of yes.....he's secretly part Russian). Then he said "thump thump thump" which is the noise we make when we're playing with the stethescope out of the doctor kit at home.
"Do you think the doctor will check Aaron's ears?" "Da, ears."
"Do you think the doctor will check Aaron's teeth?" "Da, teef."

Then we drove along in silence (well, silence except for Aaron saying "thump thump thump" over and over again) until Meredith said "Mommy, do you think Dr. Rajani will look for the love in Aaron's heart?"


I said I thought that was a great question, and that maybe Dr. Rajani would check that out. She percolated on that for a bit then said "Does he have to cut open Aaron's chest to look for the love in his heart?"

Where do kids come up with these things?!

"No Meredith, he definitely won't cut open Aaron's chest. Maybe he'll just listen, and look and watch and see if he can see the love in his heart."

Fortunately, Aaron received a clean bill of health, and no chest splitting was performed.

And just because I love it, here's one of my favourite pictures of Little Miss Thought Provoking (and her furry faithful sidekick) from a couple of months ago:

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