Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Soccer Shiver!

Meredith is playing soccer again this year, and the year is off to quite a start. The season was delayed a week because the field was too wet. The second game was cancelled on account of snow. In May. And last night's game made me wish I'd brought a winter jacket, mittens and a hot drink! Meredith seemed impervious to the cold in the first half and ran around merrily trailing the activity around the ball. She's playing with her good buddy Ethan and any time she takes every chance she can get to either chat with him, or get the ball to him. She spent a stretch of time in goal last night and had LOTS of opportunity to throw the ball back into play (read: she was scored on over, and over, and over again!). Every time she threw the ball in I could hear her shouting "Ethan, here you go! Here's the ball!"

The two of them are one day apart in age and nearly a foot apart in height by the looks of this picture! By the second half of the game, however, she could be found mostly warming her hands inside her shin pads.

The team is made up of kids aged 4 to 6. A vast array of sizes and abilities. Some of them actually seem to get the point of the game.

Aaron is itching to get on the field and run around with the kids too. In the first game we had to stop him from running onto the field to take Meredith her water bottle. Considerate little brother! He is definitely concerned with her well-being. If he gets a cracker, he always holds out the other hand for one for "Mer Mer." Last summer when he was just beginning to talk, he stood at the side of the wading pool while she was splashing about with her hat in his hands calling "Mer Mer, Mer Mer, Mer Mer" and patting his head over and over again to sign the word hat!

Anyhow, last night he brought Teddy Bear along for the ride. He watched the early part of the game, while the sun was still shining and the temperature was less bone-chilling before heading home with Daddy to a warmer climate.

Pray for sunshine tomorrow for game 3! We've had rain, we've had snow, we're just waiting for a plague of locusts.

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