Sunday, August 16, 2009

The things kids say....

This has been one of those kinds of days where the kids go from hopping up and down on my last nerve to doing the funniest things.

Meredith was helping me put Aaron down for his nap and he asked her to sing his "songs" for bedtime. She launched into a few of her own lullaby creations. One went something like this:
"Lullaby, lullaby, my sweet little Aaron
May you sleep and dream, may you have lots of joy.
I love my Aaron, and I love him so,
I love your smile and your lousy heart."

The first time I was sort of surprised and was thinking over the word lousy while listening to the next verse. The next verse was similar strings of loveliness, and then made reference to his "lousy eyes." I'd love to know what she thinks lousy means!

Then this afternoon when I was baking cookies I heard Aaron in the hallway lifting up the flap for the central vac outlet. Then I hear him say "Somebody?" , then whack the flap closes and he says "Nope."

We now return to our regularly scheduled bad listening and mommy freaking.

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  1. Meredith is funny....i wonder what she is thinking. lilah is a song creator too. they are quiet funny and usually a hint about something she wants like lalalalalagrocerystorelelelalala. ;)

    being a mom is definitely the hardest job out there. no wonder our husbands think we are crazy half the time.