Friday, August 28, 2009

Aaron self!

I love how toddlers talk about themselves in the third person. Aaron's most commonly uttered phrase over the past few weeks is easily "Aaron self!" Whether it's getting his shoes on, taking his diaper off, climbing onto the toilet, or getting himself dressed, he's suddenly very keen to do it himself. He'd love to be able to buckle himself into his carseat or pour his own glass of milk, or drive me to work, but we have to draw the line somewhere! I love letting him try to do something and watching him figure it out. Often it will end up half done, or not done at all and he'll look up at me and say "Mommy help. S'hard" (It's hard!)

I took these pictures a few weeks ago now, watching him try to get himself into his pyjamas.

Insert tiny two year old voice here: "Where's Aaron's toes?"

His trusty companion, blue puppy is standing by, ready to assist. Puppy often has to help ME get Aaron dressed, when he's refusing Mommy's help but is willing to have puppy help, so I guess Aaron figured he'd keep him close at hand for assistance.

"There's Aaron's toes!"

Trust me, it is a laborious process for a two year old to get both feet completely through the cuffs of their pyjamas. I think I might have dozed off between this picture and the next.

If you think the toes are hard, try pulling your pants up over your bum! Even puppy was no help with this step.

Halfway there! How hard can the shirt really be?

Progressing well, we've found the head hole.

But wait! Don't get too cocky! Why are the arms going up through the neck hole?

Uh oh. Houston, we have a problem. We stalled here for a good long time. The shirt went back up to the neck, back down to the bellybutton, back up to the neck.....then....."Mommy help. S'hard!"

And with a little rearranging of the pieces, ta da!


  1. You have some serious patience. I totally would have stepped in and took over. I'm learning from you "wise one". :)

  2. lilah is looking with me and saying "more ewin, more ewin." :)