Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cousin magic!

We were lucky enough to have two of the cousins, Amy and Claire, with us for the weekend last weekend. It was an eagerly anticipated event around the Rose household, and I think it lived up to its anticipation! The weather didn't cooperate to head to the camper for the weekend, so we had fun in the city instead. Lots of time at the playground, four busy kids on the climmber and in the pool at the Y, a trip to the movies, fun making mini pizzas, and lots and lots of time to play. A bit of sleeping was added in, and the Tooth Fairy even flew by for a visit as Amy lost a tooth at the movies! As the girls left on Sunday night to head home, Meredith was crying, "It's just so hard to see them go!" We hope to make a more regular habit of seeing all the cousins for fun days through the fall and winter when everyone gets busy with school and activities.

Meredith was hard pressed to decide on a highlight for the weekend, it was a well-fought battle betweeen sharing her Tooth Fairy pillow (as yet unused for Meredith...) with Amy and finding money in it the next morning, and finally doing the full set of monkey bars at the playground!

Claire whipped up and down the monkey bars like she was made of air!

Amy played catcher for Aaron,

before schooling us all in just HOW easy the monkey bars are!

By late Sunday it was actually even warm enough to blow up the Splash Bomb in the backyard. We haven't had it out yet this summer, the weather has been so cool and rainy. Meredith has clearly grown over the winter, this year she was able to run and vault onto the slide portion of it with no problem!

And made lots of splash once she hit the pool!

Aaron was very skeptical of the whole thing and for the longest time would only crawl down the slide. Naked, of course.

Eventually he agreed to give the inflatable boogie board a try, and quite enjoyed the ride!

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