Monday, August 24, 2009

Random silliness

It seems like this summer is running away with us, with very few sunny moments to remember it by! We made it to the lake this weekend for a day of sun, but the weekend before was wall to wall grey skies. Well, except for a few short interludes of the blue sky we know and love! Clearly, we run a really tight ship around here. Meredith spent the day in her pyjamas, and by the look of things, Aaron spent the day in nothing!

It does cut down on laundry.

The two of them get along extraordinarily well. Shockingly well, actually. It's not all bubbles and sunshine, but they get along well more often than they squabble. In a way, I think Meredith thinks he is her little boy! It works in our favour more often than not. In true toddler fashion, he can be counted on to refuse to take part in any one of a number of essential daily functions like having his diaper changed, getting dressed, getting undressed, picking a the drop of a hat. In his struggle to exert control he'll refuse to let mom or dad help, but generally accepts it if we offer Mer-Mer (his name for Meredith), or she offers herself. And who can't help but smile when watching a five-year-old try to diaper a two-year-old. Not a match made in heaven if you're hoping to get out the door in 3 minutes, but plenty to make you laugh if you've got the time.

The proud 'mama' and her baby doll!

We're going to have no end of pictures to choose from on his wedding day.


  1. My littles frequently have pyjama days and who am I to argue with less laundry?

    I love the big sister -- little brother dynamic as it is similar here. Today it was tea parties and concerts together. SO cute!!

  2. haha! aaron is funny! lilah LOVES being naked. she'd be naked all day long if i would let her. it makes potty training a lot easier too.