Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome home

I spent some time in Gimli on the weekend at a board of directors retreat. It meant I was away from the house Friday night, and most of the day Saturday. When I got home Saturday, this is what was waiting for me.

So sweet it still brings tears to my eyes!

It's also been a really lovely few days of listening to Aaron learn to say some new things. I said goodnight to the kids by phone on Friday night. When I said "love you" to Aaron over the phone, he responded back "lah looo"! Then on Monday night, it was "Love you Aaron" before I popped him into his crib, only to hear him answer "Lah loo Mommy!"

Tonight while I was making dinner, I caught the two of them in Aaron's room.

Not hiding under the crib, not wreaking havoc. Reading.

These are the moments to hold on to when they're having a tug-of-war over the most lucrative piece of Littlest Pet Shop, or the better bowl of strawberries!

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