Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Sniff of Spring!

We went for a walk after work/daycare today to pick up something Meredith had forgotten at Irish Dance yesterday. For the first time in months I was able to get the bike trailer through the back gate. There's been too much snow and ice built up around the base of the gate to open both sections enough to maneuver the width of the trailer out, so I've been lifting it over the front fence instead for what seems like an eternity!
Meredith fell asleep on the walk home. Not sure how this is possible when Aaron was sitting right beside her shrieking words at the top of his lungs. Apparently he's learned the word 'pocket' so this was a prominent feature of our running commentary as he put his water in and out of the pocket in the trailer over and over and over again. The fascination of a new word (and a new pocket) was only interrupted by "air-pane! air-pane!" and "doddie! doddie!" which I'm pretty sure in this context meant doggie, NOT daddy or dirty which sound exactly the same right now.

I guess when a girl is tired, a girl is tired.

And apparently not too happy about waking up!

Fortunately, the sidewalk beside the house is a clear patch of concrete and out came the tricycle and mower. Happiness is!

It did all our spirits good to play today, and bedtime was a piece of cake!

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  1. I love this blogging thing!! Great shots of the kids. :)