Thursday, April 16, 2009


Over the Easter weekend, the kids and I had the chance to visit my friend Sharon and her family on their farm south of Winnipeg. Having grown up on a farm, this seemed like a particularly wonderful thing to do during calving season, and fortunately both kids were gung ho at the prospect! The drive to the farm was a blessed interlude of silence as they napped the whole way there. I considered just continuing to drive....

But then I would have missed the sight of a calf only two hours old, a visit with Sharon and her husband Don, a glimpse of the barn cats, and the nonstop exclamations of "tractor!", "tractor!", "tractor!"

Who knew the inanimate objects would be as big of a thrill as the cows!

Meredith fancied herself quite the farmer, having figured out how to climb the stairs on the combine. Aaron was clearly just in search of something sharp to bump his head on.

Thanks for a great afternoon Sharon!

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  1. That looks like SOOOO Much fun - I know my son would go love every bit of a farm too if he got to visit one!!!