Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book of the Week

I've got lots to catch up on, seems like Easter weekend was a hive of activity!

First, a book from our bookshelves that's seen some extra attention in the past week. This was a favourite of Meredith's when she was smaller, and was a gift from my friend Judy when she was born. It's called Owl Babies, by Martin Waddell.

Owl Babies is a sweet story of three baby owls, Sarah and Percy and Bill. The baby owls wake up in the night and their Owl Mother has gone hunting. The story follows their speculations as to where she's gone and how long she'll be. Most reassuring of all, she does come home in the end, and says "What's all the fuss? You knew I'd come back."

Aaron hasn't paid the book much attention up until now, and it appears the first reading was enough to knock the slipper right off of him!

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