Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Part 2

It is completely pathetic to be so behind in your blogging that you're writing about Christmas in February.

But it needs to get out of the way so we can move on to the events that followed!

Christmas Part 2 (or partie deux as our budding francophone reminded us) involved a day full of food and fun with the Poole clan. Complete with Auntie Barb's famous cinnamon buns, and Auntie Krista's famous cheesecake. Not hard to see why we love these people. :)

Morgan was her usual sweet self, and allowed her cousins to make funny faces at her, her Auntie to squeeze her, and isn't yet quite old enough to eat a full portion of Auntie Barb's cinnamon buns. She's a keeper.

Aaron introduced Morgan to the life skill of sharing. It went something like this.
Morgan opens a lovely new toy which is a ride-on car/walker combo with lights and sounds and a shape sorter.
Uncle David quickly puts said toy together.
Morgan gets one swipe at a triangle, and Aaron takes off on the car, only to return after being threatened with bodily harm and nearly run the poor child over.
I can hardly wait until she's big enough to dish it back!

Uncle Brad nursed a nasty headache, which is a dangerous thing to have in a house full of small children with new toys. Fortunately the Advil/Magic Bag/Ashka-cat-on-the-lap worked it's wonders and he felt better in no time. Or put on a brave face so he could have his share of the cinnamon buns.

Meredith fell in love with her new rag quilt, specially made for her by her Nana. It's so bright and cheery, and toasty warm.

My children were truly blessed this Christmas to have two families that love them so deeply, and enjoy spending time together.
The cinnamon buns didn't hurt either.

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  1. I feel behind on posting anything about Christmas too. I ended up losing my digital camera for a couple weeks over Christmas and had to use my film camera. My film is sitting here waiting to be developed. I definitely take my digital camera for granted!!