Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Delinquent Bloggers Anonymous

I need a 12 step program to get back into blogging. Today might not be much, but at least it will be the first step! Lately it feels as though things have been in such constant motion that I'm always a step behind, a moment late, or forgetting something.

I feel like I've got about as much brains as our Thanksgiving cookie project. :)

Rest assured though, things are still much the same in our household.

Aaron is usually still naked from the waist down, climbing onto something and wearing his boots in the house. Meredith is still busy with Kindergarten, her activities, and wondering if one of her teeth is going to be loose soon.

The weekend after our anniversary marked another very big first, and the one that consumed my thoughts in my every waking (and should have been sleeping) hour. We headed to Las Vegas with some friends for a long weekend anniversary celebration. Without the kids. I felt like I was planning a military invasion with the list-making and organizing to get ready to go away. We are so blessed to have a network of family and friends whom we could piece together like a patchwork quilt to care for the kids. I obsessed over what meals to leave for them, what needed to be packed in which suitcase, how the hand-off of carseats was going to be made, and other equally riveting details. When I wasn't busy thinking about details, I just worried about how the kids were going to do.

They, of course, did great. Thanks to their own independent, secure personalities and the kindness and care of the angels that took care of them, they flourished! We spoke to them a few times on the phone, and no tears were exchanged, so that was a tremendous success for all of us I think! I'd love to climb inside of their imaginations and see what Las Vegas looks like from their vantage point!

Meredith was told by someone at daycare that Las Vegas is a playground for adults. Imagine what she sees!

Aaron can't possibly understand the concept of it all at the tender age of two, but was unfailingly sweet in asking "You at Las Begas Mommy?" when he talked to me on the phone, and "You all done at Las Begas Mommy?" when I got home.

Dave had to travel on to L.A. from Vegas for work, so I came home to a week alone with the kids. I had missed them so much that it was like a gift to have so much time with them last week. We're all very glad that Daddy got home on the weekend, though. Both Dave and I, independent of one another, thought that Meredith had grown taller and thinner in the past few weeks, and that Aaron's speech was even clearer.

Now we eagerly await the arrival of the newest members of our family, the Sea Monkeys that Dave brought home as a gift for Meredith!

Step one of the twelve step re-blogging program wasn't so hard after all!


  1. Welcome back :) Your house is similar to mine with naked boys. I wish I could keep pants on Matthew but it does make the potty aspect a heck of a lot easier.
    We are going to Mexico in March and only bringing our youngest so we'll see how it goes. I'm glad you got away for a little R&R.

  2. Welcome back!! I am glad you are blogging again. I meant to have this really creative blog but mine has been a little slow lately too! Too busy and not enough sleep. Ugh!

  3. Must be the weather. I, too, have fallen off the blog train.
    You've inspired me to get back on. Coming soon.... :)