Saturday, September 12, 2009

Living Room Concert Hall

Meredith's piano lessons were slated to start today, but got pushed back due to a change in the teacher's schedule. None of this, of course, was sufficient to delay the first recital of the season! Meredith advised Aaron and I we were invited to a concert after supper, and set about creating her concert hall.

The venue had many of the usual sights:
* Chairs with little numbers on them to find your seat. I was told to sit in number 1 and Aaron was told to sit in number 2, even though it was apparently "a very bad number 2 but I'll practice more in Kindergarten."

* Snacks for the performance. Aaron had his 3 Smarties done before the performance started, and spent the rest of the show drooling bright colours.

* A refreshing drink. I was warned to check mine before consuming it because "I filled the glass too full so I drank a bit out of one side but I can't remember which side, so just test it with your lips before you drink."

And in a delightful twist on the usual prize-taped-under-only-one-seat, we were both awarded with a balloon under the seat for coming to the show.

Dress was casual. Or naked with a bib.

The pianist wore a daring ensemble of nudity and her favourite blanket.

The performance was outstanding. We heard "Into the Cave" and "Three Little Kittens", both of which she just learned this morning and has already committed to memory.
Yes indeed, take a bow Meredith!

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