Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Room To Grow

We're back from a week of holidays at the lake, so I'm finally getting around to posting the nightie test-drive pictures taken just before we left! Week-at-the-lake pictures to follow in the not too distant future.

Meredith was very pleased with her new nightie! It looks so sweet on her, though there's plenty of room to grow. If I hadn't put the lace around the neck already I'd have taken it in a little, but there's no way I'm picking the lace off!

Her hair seems to be growing just as quickly as the rest of her, this summer!

Enter the naked little brother for his turn at "cheese".....

And a final photo, whose blurriness must indicate I hadn't had QUITE enough coffee by that point in the morning, just to show how much more room to grow there is! Who would have thought that my girl was about the same size as a pillowcase?!


  1. wow has she ever gotten big!!! she is stunnung!